Friday, May 15, 2009

google pagerank is 3 again

Thank to google. Now in china we can't visit blogspot again,maybe more and more people will use other blog,but I will use blogger for ever!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

PageRank is ) now

Say sorry to myself.From now on,I will try my best to write English diary!
PageRank is 0,but my english is't 0!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the world’s largest online social networking service of its kind. Our members feel comfortable using our service to explore their options. Ashley Madison is a trusted brand.
Attached folks are often aggressively shutout on dating sites. doesn't shun them, though. It reaches out to them. Obviously, singles can still join. All the same, discreet relationships, not traditional romances, are the site's mainstay, because many of its members have limited free time. An emphasis on intimate encounters is the product of this quality-over-quantity quotient. That alone may peak your interest. Let's dig a bit deeper though.

The profile process is simple. You face only a handful of multiple-choice questions. They target the practical details of what you want in an encounter with someone new. There are no personal essays or overly probing questions. Ashley Madison seems sincere about providing a place for inconspicuous meetings, and it's hardly surprising that few members have added photos.

"Ashley Madison seems sincere about providing a place for inconspicuous meetings, and it's hardly surprising that few members have added photos."

AshleyMadison knows how to attract visitors. Free advanced search options narrow your results to within 20 miles from home. You can even do keyword searches. Guests can wink and show interest in anyone on the site. They can reply free to messages from paid members. If you get your winking down to a science and find members who’ve paid for credits, you might not have to hand over a dime to make a connection.

There are some cute features. A "panic button" redirects you to a movie trailer site, preventing anyone from snooping at what you're doing. Tips are offered on not only how to cheat but also on how to have success on the site. They give some sage advice, pointing out, for example, that being single may make it harder to hookup with attached individuals since they are risking more than you are.

You can buy 1,000 credits that cost just under $250. They include a money-back guarantee and promise the chance for an affair within three months, although some restrictions do apply. You can start with 100 tokens for $49, which is the lowest cost alternative. It allows you to initiate a maximum of 20 emails or five hours of instant messaging. The tokens are expensive, but they do offer more flexibility than a standard monthly plan does.

Finally, if you read the "terms of use" page, it states the following: "From time to time this service may include, offer or initiate winks, collect messages or instant chat from Market Researchers (Online Hosts) posing as attached or single men or women." Most sex dating sites are rarely so open and honest. However, be wary of this. It could mean the difference between happy endings and an unhappy financial undoing.

The site's popularity has recently rebounded, because mainstream media has given Ashley Madison a lot of attention. However, given its mandate, it's not always been shown in a positive light, which may have drawn curious, but not serious, visitors at times.

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

CET-6 My Injury

This blog is my first English blog.In order to prepare for the CET6,I began to write this blog. Feb,24th, We will know the score. Last term , I didn't study hard. All of my free time ,I used to play the computer.
I am very sorry to do that! Maybe I will fall the exam again, this blog I will hold on!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prepare For Toefl listening test

I am listenning Mr Qiu's class now.He teach us Toefl listenning ,when I hear his class , I think that my English is so poor that ,America is far from me.
I have a dream , study in harvard and work in google.
My family is poor, I am 21 years old. Adult must earn his life by himself.If I want to study abroad,I should study hard. I am so clever that I can do the best!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Paronychia My left foot

I put on my new shoes this morning , it made me very satisfied, But I find my left foot has bled when I went my bedroom.
I suffered Paronychia im 2005,from then on my foot always bled,but T was feeling worse recently.
In the 2007, I went to the hospital and the doctor operated on me..He cut off my nide, I feeled well in the next half years.
When I reahed the grade 2,Paronychia recurringed.
Every step make me very soreness. I don't want to see my left foot and put on shoes. No doctor can help me in my hometown. I will go to WuHan to find some help next year.

Girl I Love

In the year 2002, I saw a girl ,her name is jie.She is very beautiful and studies well.She was the monitor of her class. When I saw her the first time, my roommate chen told hers name to me.
From that time, I love her to heart. In 2005, she went to Tianjin and began study Japanese.
But I was still in the senior high school, I failed the college entrance exam.
She will go to Japan next year, I am still bind.Who can give me some advice?